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Mercadoelectronico, search engine for job offers in Spanish


Isaac Martnez writes us to present his project and website Electronic market, a page focused on global job search that, without the need for registration, leads us to the best job offers on the net.

What stands out about Mercadoelectrnico compared to other employment portals is its orientation towards the deployment of global employment information, since the space mainly has a search engine by country so that we can look for work in a specific category in different destinations in case we let’s consider packing and trying other opportunities.

We will find in the beginning with three basic sections: job search by word, by location or directly by country. Parallel to these filters, we have below a good list of categories to directly look for work depending on the sector (composer, horticulturist, teacher, painter, architect and more than 40 categories in total).

Once we have made our search, we can continue to filter more detailed information according to companies, type of working day (complete, average, temporary) and depending on whether the offer is recent or old. At the end, the offers that meet our requirements will be listed with the corresponding link, a brief description of the position and the location where the vacancy is offered.

Vertical search engine that is worth saving in favorites for all those looking for a job.