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Megaupload founder asks for $ 7 million in compensation


Surely most of you remember the time when Megaupload closed its doors. New Zealand authorities broke into the home of its founder Kim DotCom and, by order of the United States, seized private property in search of evidence, at the same time that they shut down Megaupload’s servers and left legal clients, and hackers of various categories, without the content they all stored.

Time passes, MEGA was born, Kim Dotcom decided to dedicate himself to politics, the trial has not yet been held … and now he asks for $ 7 million in compensation from the government for the ways in which the aforementioned action was carried out.

At they discuss the case in detail, where they explain how Kim dotcom has finally sued the New Zealand government for his illegal espionage against him and the subsequent attack on his home. In fact, he talks about the Cinco Ojos spy system, a network maintained by the security agencies of New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, which in this case worked to act against him.

According to the founder of Megaupload, it is an action necessary to expose various illegal actions that governments carry out to spy without the need for a court order.

We all know that innocent is not the right word to define Kim Dotcom, although it is clear that there are ways and ways to proceed. It is very possible that at this crossroads between governments and billionaires, information will come to light that will help to have a fairer and more transparent Internet.

Hopefully so …