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Mega – New version with new design and some new features


MEGA (, the file storage service created by Kim DotCom, founder of the deceased Megaupload, today comes out of its beta phase presenting a new design and some new functionalities designed to speed up the work of those who make backups and distribution of files using their platform.

In their blog they comment on the static news with some screenshots, showing that in addition to the design they have been able to reduce the CPU consumption of their client, mainly for users who save a huge amount of information.

The new version will also cache the session in the browser, so only changes that have occurred since the last session need to be uploaded to the server. They also include avatars in user profiles, improved contact management (we can see the number of files that a user is sharing with us, along with the latest date and time of modification) and the possibility of easily changing between contacts ( shared folders), the cloud drive, the garbage can and our inbox, as they have incorporated four buttons with color codes at the top to access these sections with a single click.

They have also presented a Firefox extension that will reduce loading times, improve performance and strengthen security, as well as reminded that before the end of the month we will already have a version of MEGA for iOS.