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MEGA for iPhone and iPad, now available

mega ios

With the tweet you can see here, the version of MEGA for iOS is announced, before the end of the year, as promised by its famous founder, Kim Dotcom.

After a pretty cool web and Android version, with a file hosting service offering 50 gigs of free space and cloud-based encryption services, the iPhone and iPad version couldn’t take long. The functionalities, as you can see in iTunes, are not different from those offered by MEGA for Android.

Within the application we can pay for MEGA Pro if we need 500 GB of storage and 1000 GB of bandwidth per month, remembering that to alter the plan it is necessary to access the web version of MEGA, at

You still have to fight on many fronts, improve your reputation to remove the dust that has accumulated with the Megaupload heritage, offer file synchronization services as efficient as Dropbox, worry about giants like Mediafire, who are on your heels … there are many Points that Kim DotCom must address in order to continue evolving with MEGA, not forgetting those related to the legal proceedings that are still pending in the Megaupload case.

Be that as it may, the application is good, it is fast and it is safe, as long as the authorities do not enter without knocking on the door and take their servers once more …