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mefio, a new project to comment on online stores


At we have a new project created to help obtain opinions about the different online stores available in our language.

With a fairly simple and intuitive design, we can find any store by searching or browsing among its dozens of categories. When we find it, we can consult the opinions of those who have already bought there, as well as report our experience on that site.

If we do not find the website that we want to comment on, it is possible to register it, thus expanding its database, which already has more than 600 registered sites.

In addition to finding opinions, we can consult classified stores ordered by reputation, although for the ranking to be true to reality, we must wait for the opinions to begin to invade the site.

It is a very new project, with little content, based on the classic idea of ​​complaint and feedback. The idea is not new (far from it) although in this case, by betting on simplicity, they can obtain a wider audience, more heterogeneous, less focused only on technology (category in which there are always opinions to spare) and broader in all aspects.

The domain name is good, the idea has a future and the site is pleasant, now only the most important thing is missing: our opinions and some incentive for them to be registered every time we carry out an operation in an online store.