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MeetMoi, the mobile dating service, expands its services

MeetMoi, the mobile dating service, expands its services

We talked about MeetMoi in 2006 presenting it as an original way to show our availability in terms of flirting via mobile, by simply sending the current situation of the interested party to SMS so that other users of the application can view our information and profile and you can contact us.

Now MeetMoi evolves and offers new and more specific functionalities, contacting user with user automatically (with prior permission to share the geolocation) depending on their preferences for greater compatibility; and before formalizing the appointment from the viewing of the other person’s profile, the service integrates a chat so that we can talk to him or her and finally convince ourselves if we like it or not. In case we are not convinced to meet the person on the other side of the terminal, since we have an hour to chat and talk, we can cancel the conversation without publishing our geolocation in that case. If the appointment is accepted, we can formalize a meeting through the MeetMoi itself in a cafe, bar, restaurant, etc. in the proximitys.

We have the service already available for iPhone and Android, and you can download it for free if you want to take advantage of this curious opportunity to find your better half.

Link: MeetMoi | Goes: NewStartups