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meetizer, new mobile application to meet “real” people


Thought to occupy our dead moments sharing moments with other people, meetizer ( is presented as a good option to meet people face to face.

The idea of ​​this application is not to create a social network and it is to allow that instead of spending 30 minutes sitting alone on a bench waiting for an event, we have someone to chat next to, someone who is in a similar situation near us.

We just have to open the application, designed for the moment only for iPhone (Android on the way), and specify what we want to talk about, waiting for someone who wants to share a few moments chatting to appear.

[…] Discover who is around to generate interesting encounters between people you know or not, in order to establish new personal or professional relationships and make the most of day-to-day downtime.

The presentation video is very well done, and the idea is attractive, although it will be necessary to have a huge user database for the system to return data when we search for someone. Organizing spontaneous plans with friends or strangers is not a new idea, but since Apple has highlighted this application within its market, it may be that this time it will find a good opportunity among those who do not have shyness as their great companion day by day.