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Medium presents a series of novelties in its service of publishing stories


We have had the opportunity to speak to you on several occasions about the evolution of the Medium platform, created by Evan Williams, whose mission is to allow users to easily share their stories and ideas that matter to them and other people. Still, it is not a platform known to users by now, despite efforts to offer something different online. Even so, the efforts continue, and it is precisely Evan Wailliams who presents us through the official blog with the improvements introduced in what he baptizes as version 1.0 of Medium, since according to the announcement itself, represents an important milestone for the product.

Among the novelties presented by Medium 1.0 is a series of improvements in terms of design, adjusting some aspects such as typography, spacing and adaptability to device screens, among others, maintaining the philosophy of maintaining an optimized experience free of distractions.

The collections have also received their ration of improvements, so that from now on, the editors of the collections will be able to approve or reject the stories that the users introduce in the collections, something that does not happen before, where the users could contribute in those collections where they have been invited or are public, where later the editors had to eliminate those stories that do not conform to them after they have been published. In this way, it is sought that the quality of contributions exists within the collections themselves, preventing the followers of said collections from accessing content of low or dubious quality.

Additional options for sharing stories and ideas, which may be available only in the profiles of the users themselves without the need to be published in any collection, or for users to create their own collections and be publishers, as well as the availability of the collection search engine, make up the rest of the news on the platform itself.

We will see if reaching the milestone of Medium 1.0 supposes any incentive for users to be encouraged to share their content on the platform, which has been available to the general public since last October, insufficient time to create this mass of important users. so that Medium can ask other questions that can maintain the service time, and above all, look for ways of monetization that currently does not have.