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MediQuo, online doctor consultation


Searching the Internet for diseases or responses to the symptoms we suffer is extremely common. It is inevitable to resort to Google when we receive the results of an analysis, before even obtaining the opinion of our doctor, and the temptation to believe at face value what we read on some websites is also quite high.

The problem is that not everything you read is written by doctors, not to mention that you need personalized attention to understand each case and get an opinion that goes beyond a simple article read out there.

MediQuo is a website where certified medical specialists offer answers to medical consultations 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

This is how Mediquo ( presents us, a project that seeks to find a solution to the problem. Without doctors who offer personalized consultations to portal users, who pay 6.90 per consultation, being able to send images, videos, texts and other material deemed necessary to obtain a trustworthy result.

It is striking that the consultation only ends when the client decides, since the chat cannot be closed by the doctor, only by the patient. Once the question is asked, the user can interact several times with the doctor until the question is closed, deciding at all times if he wants the question to be publicly available on the portal or if, on the contrary, we prefer to leave it on private mode.

At the end of the consultation we can assess the doctor, who will have to build and keep his profile updated on the social network.

The idea is good, but it must be taken into account that there are cases in which a chat is not enough, in which it is necessary to touch, listen, feel … The Internet is not the solution for all problems, although in some cases it may be worth It is worth paying 7 euros to get a professional opinion on a certain matter, much better than letting the Google algorithm find the solution for us.