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Masterpass, Mastercard's digital payment solution

mayo 23, 2020

It is increasingly common to make online payments, but it is still mandatory, in many cases, to constantly report the shipping details and the information of the card that we want to use, a process that does not generate confidence and that prevents many purchases from being completed.

With the aim of facilitating the task, we have seen how, in recent years, platforms have appeared that help to make payment easier, and the mastercard solution is one of the main ones in its sector.

The idea of Masterpass, a service that they explain in detail on, is to offer a safe and easy-to-use solution in the ecommerce, that does not depend on the digital culture of the user, and for this they have worked with the aim of offering this new system in more than 20,000 online stores in Spain and 270,000 worldwide.

It is a usability layer, of a component that is between the buyer and the heart of the system so that it is easy to make a purchase.

Masterpass offers the international multilevel protection system for Mastercard, thus betting on the security in the online shopping, as well as those of the user's own financial institution. All the statements appear in our bank account, which helps to avoid losing the control.

To use the platform we only have to select the Masterpass button in the online store, without having to search for our card or having to report the numbers. We will not have to remember new passwords (they are the same ones used day by day with our online banking) or make complicated registrations, since it is so simple How to press the button and choose the card with which we want to pay.

The money goes from the account to the trade directly, without intermediaries. We just have to talk to our usual bank and ask for the usage keys, without having to hire anything special and without paying any extra. Currently, CaixaBank is the first entity in Spain to offer its customers Masterpass, although more banks will join soon.

Without a doubt, a great step to be able to bring e-commerce closer to all generations.