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Maskotrivial, questions and answers about animals


– What breed of dog is Pancho, the dog known for the announcement of the Primitive? – What is the dog that gives its name to a famous cartoon series? – The substance in the retina that allows animals to see at night is He calls … – How many hours do cats sleep daily? – 300 years ago, on which continent were there no rabbits? – What kind of vision do rodents have? – What is the bird that flies highest? – How many varieties of birds exist in the world? world?

These and many other questions are what we can find in Maskotrivial, a new question and answer game for iPhone, iPad and Android that we are presented from Valencia.

It is the result of the work carried out together between Maskokotas (pet shop) and Kukut Estudio, an attractive and entertaining Trivial-style application, with more than 10,000 questions divided into six categories: dogs, cats, rodents, birds, fish and reptiles.

We can play with both our friends and random users, creating challenges that allow us to challenge a series of questions (one per category) to try to win by obtaining the greatest number of correct answers.

The application is completely free, can be obtained from Google Play or iTunes and allows you to have several games open at the same time, remembering that each game is for only two people.