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Mark Zuckerberg shows gloves for Virtual Reality


In a post made a few hours ago on his Facebook profile, Mark Zuckerberg has shown the world some of the projects they are working on from the Oculus laboratory in Redmond, Washington.

As can be seen in the image above, they are working on special gloves that could be integrated with Oculus Rift to perform detailed work in a world of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Although they have not given technical details, the gloves seem to be covered by sensors that will help to identify all the movements that are made with them.

In the comment on the photo, he indicated that they are working on new ways to bring their hands to virtual and augmented reality, offering the possibility of drawing, typing on a virtual keyboard, and even shooting spider webs, such as Spider Man, exactly what is doing in the picture.

He says that in these laboratories are the best scientists and engineers in the world discovering the limits of virtual and augmented reality, a team led by Michael Abrash, who is working on issues related to advanced optics, eye tracking, mixed reality and new ways of mapping the human body.

Among other things, they want to create glasses that are small enough to be taken anywhere, software that allows new experiences and technology that allows you to interact with the virtual world just as we do with the physical.

Great innovations will come in the world of virtual reality, even if we have to wait several years to be able to have them in every home.