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Marinexplore, data from oceanographers on a Google Map


As you know, it is a trend, and even more thanks to the technology that Google Maps offers us, to map everything that surrounds us and not only in terms of geolocation but also data collection. Focusing on the latter, Marinexplore has created a Google Map that precisely displays the data captured by oceanographers around the world.

Starting from a total of 1.2 billion data units collected from instruments positioned in the ocean such as platforms, satellites, buoys, etc. the map collects all kinds of data that can be filtered by location and date, so that we can quickly visualize, by For example, what data was collected in the Arctic Ocean two days ago.

To begin with, we have divided the information depending on whether it has been collected in seas, oceans, gulfs, bays or others, and once our aquatic area of ​​interest has been located, we can expand different parameters to show, such as chemical levels, atmosphere, radiation, biological data ( as plant pigments, presence of phytoplankton or presence of chlorophyll).

The filtering and location of data goes much further, since in this same menu we can divide the information by institutions (dozens of them, among which we find the Bermuda Institute of Social Sciences or the National Coastal Data Development Center) and by projects or platforms (section in which we can select the information collected by specific types of devices).