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MapDays, finding nearby events to spend the day


The weekend arrives and with it the uncertainty of making some plans or others, staying home or finding out if there is any interesting event in our city. We have many tools that recommend restaurants, bars, and places to visit around us, and if what we are looking for is a simple web tool that specifies, specifically, the events that are held in our city in the coming days, we can consider to I visit MapDays.

The events will be geolocated on a Google Map, in which we will see certain markers displayed with the name of the events detailed in the menu on the left. Clicking on the marker will describe where the event is, when, what is going on and who is organizing it and we will also be offered the official link and website of those responsible for the event, so that we can find more details or buy tickets if necessary. . We will be able, in the upper menu, to look for events of a specific day in case we have a free day in the near future.

For most planners, MapDays also includes a route planner that will help us find events on a route previously indicated by the user. All the events collect the Eventbrite information, although we as users will be able to add any event that we are aware of and also access the information that other MapDays users have added.