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Mapalia content migrates to the Metroo city network

Mapalia content migrates to the Metroo city network

Metroo is a social network of cities whose objective is to capture what people are saying from a local point of view, both in a civic and a playful sense. The activity that users carry out in Metroo revolves around a social game in which they will compete with their neighbors to be the Virtual Mayor of their city and win medals. Users can learn about and comment on the aspects that most interest them in their city, propose ideas, express their complaints. They can search for businesses and places of interest in any city to give their opinion about them or ask about a certain place. In addition, from the mobile application they can share their geolocation and show it in real time to their contacts, in a similar way to how it is done in foursquare.

Metroo arises because we realized that many times we do not speak on twitter or facebook about our more local environment because we think that it is not very relevant for the people who read us (for example, because our followers are from other cities) … however, people want to hear and comment on what is happening in their city … and at Metroo we want to solve this problem. But as we attach great importance to good communication with the social networks that users already use, all the activity that takes place in metroo can be shared on twitter and facebook.

The fact is that all the content that was in Mapalia was migrated to Metroo so that users of both pages now have a better service, since in addition to adding points and commenting on them, Mapalia users now have a complete social network and Metroo users can find a lot of new points, and not just businesses, which was what there was in metroo before the migration; now there are also beaches, black spots, monuments, parks …

A union that can make this network grow exponentially that we have already talked about on some occasions.