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Managing Facebook ad campaigns from slack

facebook con slack

Slack It is one of the best platforms for communication between teams existing today, but its possibilities are much greater thanks to the bots that continue to be born integrated into your system every day.

Among them we have, a bot that integrates with facebook so that it is possible to manage the ads of said social network, and of Instagram, from Slack itself.

The idea, after completing the integration, is to allow monitoring of ads with alerts and messages that help you know how everything is going without having to enter Facebook. The bot warns us if the cost per click is higher than desired, or if the result is being lucrative for everyone.

The free version includes the ability to get ad scheduling reports, while automated alerts and ads require subscription to your different payment options.

They are already working on the integration with Google Adwords, and they have 14 days of trial so that it is possible to work with the full version without having to report credit cards, which helps to verify if the type of report it generates is appropriate for our day by day.

The advantage of integrating it with slack is that we can share the information with other people within the same channel, which helps decisions to be made taking into account the know-how of the different profiles of our company.