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Manage your personal finances in one touch with Fintonic

Manage your personal finances in one touch with Fintonic

Manage your personal finances in one touch with Fintonic

If you think it’s time to update your bank, you may want to use alternatives to manage your personal finances such as Fintonic.

Let’s face it, banks have had a hard time updating to this information age, and although they are gradually developing applications and websites to match, they are not enough.

Especially since it is still difficult to know how much we can spend and when we should control ourselves simply by looking at the list of movements of our card. Those data to me, that I am horrible with the accounts, do not tell me anything, since I do not know at a glance what expenses I have left to do this month or how I will stay at the end of the month.

Fintonic, the app that helps you control your expenses and more

In the end, it is a game of spending and controlling me by eye, and that goes as well as you could expect, and the last days of the month are overwhelming. Why can’t I just look at my phone to find out how my accounts are?

So when I was told by Fintonic to test your application to know first-hand what it offers, I jumped at the opportunity, and the truth is that it does not disappoint. Fintonic is a financial management service that connects directly with our banksto offer us a clearer view of all our accounts.

And all that does it without complications. To start, we just have to associate our bank account; Fintonic is compatible with banks in Spain and Chile, and we can connect with any self-respecting entity.

Once the connection has been made and some questions have been completed that may affect our expenses, we will start to see useful data just by entering the home screen, such as the available balance and the credit that we have on the cards. An interesting detail is the data bubbles, which will remind us of what we have spent this month and what we have entered, in addition to a notice of the percentage we have spent.

But the interesting thing comes when we touch those bubbles (or we enter the menu -> Spending categories) and we enter the spending history, divided by months and by categories. Do you spend too much on whims? Has the cost of electricity gone up?

These are questions that you can see with the naked eye, and questions that the app itself will answer in notifications. For example, if you have been paid, or if you have been charged in duplicate. All this, at the moment so you can make the best decisions, like the other 380,000 users who already use the app.

Loans, insurance everything with Fintonic

But Fintonic is not just about seeing expenses, it’s also about making an income; this is where the functionality of loans in minutes, which allows us to get the necessary money for that extra expense that we had not anticipated, or that purchase that we want to make now. For these loans no paperwork necessary, we do everything from the mobile choosing the best option in a comparison.

In addition, we can also take out insurance with Fintonic, thanks to a comparison of more than 40 companies; Fintonic will take care of notifying us when our policy expires, and of do all the paperwork if, for example, we have had an accident.

Fintonic is the leading option in the sector to manage our finances from our iOS / Android mobile or from the web, and as such it can be of more help than you think.

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