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MailDeck, complete and functional email client for iPad


Tablets are devices that are settling in our day to day, allowing us to perform a series of functions that until relatively recently we had to do only on portable equipment, with the weight and little autonomy that this entailed, among other drawbacks. Still, there are users who only use the applications installed as standard, especially for certain functions, such as the management of email messages.

In the case of iPad devices, MailDeck is an email application that allows managing multiple user accounts of services such as GMail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook and those other services based on the IMAP protocol. The inclusion of the user accounts of such services is so intuitive since it is only necessary to indicate the username and the password that is available in them, although there are certain cases of IMAP accounts in which it is necessary to indicate the incoming servers and outgoing manually. The added email service user accounts will become part of the user profile in the MailDeck itself. To protect the app from prying eyes, whether they are lent to family or friends, you can set an access password.

MailDeck has three display modes, List, Preview and Cover, the latter being the default. In addition, received messages can be sorted by date, sender, subject, highlighted, with attachments, and by read messages.

By scrolling the messages you have access to additional options, and also, with the horizontal scrolling of messages you can access both the previous and the next message.The simple and intuitive interface, the possibility of creating tasks based on messages, sharing Files through various channels such as social networks and email, the possibility of activating push notifications and the customization possibilities offered by the application itself are other features of the application.

MailDeck is available for free in an ad-supported appstore, although users can pay about $ 4.99 annually to remove ads as well as the ability to use custom signatures on email messages.

Link: MailDeck on the App Store | Goes: AddictiveTips