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Maguaré, so that boys and girls learn about art and creativity


Maguar is a free content portal that was created with the aim that boys and girls learn different concepts related to art and creativity: poems, tongue twisters, music, soundscapes … each section is a very diverse section in which they learn different concepts. and have a different time.

Maguar has different tools in the different sections: for example, it highlights a music box in which children can play and compose their own songs, and within it we will find sections to sing karaoke, listen to a gallery of songs, see music videos, or enjoy making a free composition. Other original and entertaining sections that we can access in Maguar are My tree house, with subsections to play with colors and puzzles, or words in the air, section dedicated especially to tongue twisters and letter and word games.

In addition, Maguar also has an organization tool in which we can mark our favorite sections to have an easier time when entering the portal. All sections of the website are introduced with fun drawings and animations that will undoubtedly absorb the attention of our little ones for a good time.

An ideal portal for children to start enjoying the world of letters and the arts in an environment focused on having a good time and having fun.