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Magine, Internet TV … and we give away invitations


We have already spoken on several occasions about platforms that allow us to watch movies and series paying a monthly subscription. Netflix is ​​one of the best known worldwide, although each country usually has its own solutions that allow its users to enjoy thousands of titles whenever they want.

With a different approach we have also talked about Magine a few weeks ago, a solution that allows you to watch TV channels from the Internet and iOS devices (they are already working on the Android version). The idea is that we can access the channels at any time, seeing both what they are broadcasting now and some of the programs that have already been broadcast in the past.

Magine allows us to see the future programming and write down what interests us most so as not to lose anything. At the moment there are not many channels available, but they already have some documentaries, children’s programming and movies (dubbed into Spanish, as seen on television).

You can ask for an invitation to try Magine on, although if you can’t wait you can also comment on this text informing why you would like to try Magine. We will raffle 5 codes for access from Spain among the commentators who publish their opinion before Wednesday at 23:00 Spanish time.