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MacroDroid, impressive application to automate tasks on Android


Shake the device to upload the last photo to Facebook, turn on WiFi when a specific application is opened and disconnect it from the Internet when it closes, press the power button to tell the time … those are three of the examples indicated in the description of this wonder that we present now: Macrodroid (

It is an application compatible with Android devices, including the oldest ones, which allows automatic tasks to be carried out when an action is detected on the mobile. We can set triggers and configure tasks that can be performed without the need for any extra activity, with the possibility of having up to 5 macros active at the same time in the free version.

They comment on that it is an excellent alternative to Tasker, both for its price and for its flexibility and ease of use (Tasker costs almost 5 dollars), although to take full advantage of it, it is necessary to be in Root mode, something that most users usually don’t have.

There are several preconfigured sample macros, for those who do not want to complicate life much, although the really interesting thing is to navigate through its dozens of options and hundreds of combinations to create the macro that does exactly what we need (from turning off the radio at a certain time to respond to specific SMS with our geographical coordinates).

One more example of the wonders that can be done with Android.