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Machinarium – a surreal junk world

Machinarium - a surreal junk world

This multiplatform flash game marvel is the latest masterpiece from Jakub Dvorsky, the Czech designer who heads the company Amanita Design, responsible for the also famous Samorost 2.

Machinarium is a point & click game made for less than $ 2,500. It consists of a graphical adventure without inventory, menu, or dialogues, in which you only need to click with the mouse to solve the intricate situations that arise in the different and fantastic scenarios.

Its design and soundtrack are immersive, surreal and full of fantasy. The story, drawn exclusively by hand, is presented in a strange place full of junk, populated exclusively by robots. In it, our protagonist, a small robot, must succeed in passing several tests to save his metal girlfriend.

Machinarium has about 30 screens, each of which has several rooms full of puzzles that offer us 6 or 7 hours of gameplay and is available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Although it is not a free game, the demo version can be played online, just as it was possible to play the magical Samorost, Dvorsky’s cousin, which has received numerous international awards. The free version does not have all the levels, but it guarantees good times.