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Lynda, a Linkedin service, bought by Microsoft, has been hacked

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After the hack of 1,000 million Yahoo accounts it seems that any other is and will be insignificant, but it is not.

Of the 1 billion Yahoo accounts it is not known how many were actually active, or how many actually correspond to real people. We all know that Yahoo accounts have long been used to create temporary accounts, to spam or to carry out unprofessional activities, so we have to analyze that huge number with tweezers.

Not the same with other much more specialized platforms, which is why hacking 55,000 accounts is more important than it may initially seem. is the training and course service for Linkedin, a professional network that was recently purchased by Microsoft, and is now notifying users that there has been a violation of the database that includes the passwords of some 55,000 accounts. All those passwords are encrypted, but a new login has been forced on everyone affected just in case. is also alerting its 9.5 million customers to be careful of the emails they receive, as they may be fake, with links pointing to malicious sites capable of capturing users' passwords.

At the moment Microsoft cannot be blamed, since the purchase made is too recent for it to have been able to implement its own security systems in all Linkedin systems, although they are surely already working on solutions so that the problem does not recur.