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Lulu application, to vote for men, comes to Brazil and faces problems in justice


Lulu ( is a mobile app with great success in the United States, where it already has a million users (yes, it is only for women) who dedicate themselves to voting for men talking, among other things, about their performance in intimate relationships.

When someone installs Lulu, they can select any Facebook contact and start voting, commenting and adding tags to it, anonymously, leaving information public, in theory, private.

Given the success he had in the United States, they believed that it would be a good idea to enter Brazil, he passed with great movement on the social web, without taking into account that Brazilian law does not work the same as that of his country of origin.

After having a lot of impact in the media, and many installations, He Public Ministry of the Federal District and Territories has been pronounced, as commented in info April:

After a wide disclosure in the press that Facebook Online Services Ltda., In association with Luluvise Inc., is capable of offending the rights of millions of male users, the Office of Consumer Protection of the Fiscala has presented in on the last Friday, the 29th, the public civil investigation (ICP) against the two companies. Both have a period of five days to provide clarification on the matter.

Called Lulu, the application allows only women, users of the social network, to make numerous evaluations of men, anonymously, including the assignment of personal notes on various aspects such as sexual performance, character and how to interact with women. women in intimate relationships.

This situation shows the infringement of the existential rights of consumers, especially in honor and privacy, allowing administrative measures to be taken and eventually convicted of collective moral damages.

As you can see, it is not only Lulu who has to explain, Facebook also, since the names and photos of the men are imported automatically, without permission. It is possible that any of you are being voted and classified in Lulu without knowing it, although it is always possible to enter to request to be deleted from your database.