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Loopr, interesting option to switch between applications in our terminals [Android]


If the way Android offers us to switch between open applications does not convince us, we can always choose third-party applications as alternatives that offer us different ways of being able to switch from one application to another. And in this sense, we can choose to use Loopr, which according to AddictiveTips, is a lightweight application and has the main advantage of simplifying the process of switching between applications.

Its operation is simple, where it is enough that we install it in our terminals so that we can subsequently configure the area and the screen action that we want to designate so that the pop-up menu appears with a series of icons belonging to the applications that we have open. We can also configure the color style of the application as well as the transition effects.

If we do not have open applications, we will get a series of icons related to the applications we use the most. Premium users will have previews of the applications. In addition, if we press any application from the pop-up menu list, while continuing to press, it will offer us information related to that application.

The best thing about having this application working is that you will hardly notice so much in the performance of the terminal, since it hardly consumes memory, nor will the battery of the same hardly resent it. Loopr is available in beta for free on Google Play for Android devices from version 2.2 onwards.