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Lookout launches its mobile security solution for businesses

Lookout for Business

Not only private users need security solutions for their mobile devices, but also companies, which can now count on the new suite of tools that Lookout offers them through Lookout for Business. According to the company itself in a statement, with the launch of Lookout for Business They have taken an important step in expanding the vision of protecting mobile devices with their first business-facing product and their specific mobile security needs.

Following the words of the company itself, its business solution enables simple device management as well as comprehensive mobile security through a series of useful features that provide real and immediate value to employees.

With this, the demand of those companies that want to bring mobile security solutions from consumers to their businesses is met, representing 80% of the requests, where in addition 40% of the employees of Fortune 1000 companies already have the solution for consumers in their own terminals.

Lookout for Business It reaches a range of devices, including both personal and business phones and tablets for protection against malware, malicious links and suspicious applications.

Features include theft and loss protection, with online remote file deletion capabilities similar to that available in the consumer solution. Administrators and workers can track, block and delete data from devices through a control panel via the web, where all actions carried out on a given device will be notified to administrators and workers.

At the moment there are no fixed prices, companies having to contact Lookout to establish the prices to pay. Lookout for Business supports Android devices although in early 2014 it reached iOS devices.