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With the irruption of electronic presentations, those times were left when analog projectors were used to incorporate in their cars a series of slides in an orderly way, in which the person who projected them was passing them at their own pace narrating each one of the images I was projecting.

This concept is available again in this era but telematically thanks to the service that a startup Ukrainian has just launched this past Wednesday, called, whose idea is to offer a virtual room on the web where the presenter uploads their images to the service, either uploading them through the traditional process or dragging them to the service interface itself , thus generating a link from the room itself that will send it to the recipients you want so that they can follow the presentations of the images as they pass them, in real time, also having the audio channel itself, so that the recipients will also listen to the narrations made by the presenter himself., according to CNet, also plans to launch its application on Facebook in one or two weeks, and as an interesting fact, this service, in addition to accepting images in JPG, also accepts images in some RAW formats, among them, Adobe’s own, the DNG, so that the raw images obtained from certain cameras can also be uploaded directly without going through previously developing them locally.

For now, the service can be used using only Firefox or Chrome, where users must use the same browser, and they must also be able to interoperate thanks to the WebRTC technology on which it is based.