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Live Hangouts integrate a new tool to interact with the audience


An interesting surprise we will find when performing a live hangout, which will completely change the way of interacting with the audience. As presented by Amit Fulay on his Google+ profile, we will now have what they call Live Q&A.

It is an excellent tool that allows the public to participate live and the host can receive immediate feedback on the same Hangout interface, without having to depend on other means. To get an idea of ​​the potential of this feature we can this example from MoMA Edual reproduce the Hangout recording, or we can take a look at the main features from the following image:

If we are participating as an audience, we are given the possibility of asking a question directly, without ceasing to view the broadcast and without taking any other type of action. But if we are following the hangout and we do not want to ask any questions but we feel represented with any of the ones already asked, we can support it by giving +1.

On the other hand, the Hangout host can select a question based on audience voting and answer it live. As a guide to know what answer is being answered at the moment, we will see it reflected in the blue box.

Another interesting detail of this function is that if we want to view the broadcast after it ends, we can select which part of the Hangout we want to view, by going directly to the answer to the question that interests us. Just by selecting it, the YouTube player will automatically position itself at that moment.