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Little tricks to improve the image when playing with your favorite console

Little tricks to improve the image when playing with your favorite console

Little tricks to improve the image when playing with your favorite console

Little tricks to improve the image when we connect a PC or a console to the television, as well as to eliminate the processing that is applied to films.

TVs don’t always show the highest quality they could handle. Many times the image is processed and the result is not what we expected. This is largely due to the fact that they are not entirely intended to use a console or a computer. While it is true that they do take this into account when designing the software, is not usual.

Among other things, televisions are also optimized for bright rooms (for example, like showrooms), so once we have them at home, they never look the same.

First things: change the label to PC

Although it seems silly, changing the label to PC eliminates this processing that is applied when playing movies. We will have to search the menu the option that allows us to modify the type of entry. That is, look for something very similar to the Input label.

The best is designate this input type to the last HDMI port. If we only have one, we have no choice but to use that one. In this way, when we want to play some kind of multimedia, we will use the ports that do not have the PC label.

Deactivate factory settings

The most normal thing is that our television has several image modes. We can access them from the configuration. The most normal thing is that we have Natural, Cinema and Dynamic, although in some cases there will also be one called Game.

The one that interests us is, a priori, the game mode, although if we handle the theme we could also create or modify any of the modes to our liking.Maybe it is very supersaturated, so It won’t hurt to lower the contrast (We have to try to get the darkest black we can but without the white losing its essence). If so, we will have to lower the contrast. In case you do not leave us, we must do it from the Dynamic mode or from some way that we can customize.

Disable all extra features

Why do we want things like Dynamic Contrast or Skin Tone? It is recommended to set everything to Off, because what they do is nothing more than processing the image, with which in the end we will lose quality. Most of the loss is noted in the depth and detail of the images.

RGB settings

RGB better at full or limited range? It is a great question, which of course does not have a general answer. If we do not configure this properly, we can lose detail in the video, although nothing important. The answer will vary depending on the type of player we are in. If it is a screen it is best to apply limited range, while if it is a monitor it is best to be complete.