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Listen to music totally free on iOS and Android with SongFlip

Listen to music totally free on iOS and Android with SongFlip

Listen to music totally free on iOS and Android with SongFlip

If you are looking for an alternative to Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play Music, here we present you SongFlip.

The streaming music services have curdled in society and not just in its free streams, people pay monthly to enjoy music instantly, anywhere and without advertising. Proof of them are the more than 30 million Premium users that Spotify already has and the 15 million of Apple Music, as they agreed in the presentation of the iPhone 7.

If these do not convince you or you are simply open to discover new options, SongFlip is a totally free service in which to listen to totally legal music.

SongFlip, a totally free Spotify alternative

No, SongFlip It is not available for computers or any other device other than a smartphone and tablet with iOS and Android. There is no desktop client nor a web version, but limited to mobile devices (with Internet connection).

In essence, we are facing an alternative to Spotify for those who are looking for a service totally gratuitous, although it is obviously not as complete as Spotify. What do we find in SongFlip?

Thanks to integrated search engine you can find millions of songs from all kinds of different artists and totally disparate musical genres. You can also navigate between trends and discover topics that you have not heard.

With all these songs you can create your playlists Personalized, although that s, you can not search for complete albums, but you have to go theme by theme. Be careful, SongFlip is legal, do not expect an application that allows you to download the songs in MP3 files to have them offline on your mobile.

As we said at the beginning, SongFlip is available both on the App Store and on Google Play, you can download the application here:

  • SongFlip for iOS
  • SongFlip for Android

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