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Linux can be abandoned by Munich and Brazil, the governments that have supported it the most in front of Windows

Most current Linux distros can be hacked just by opening a text file

Most current Linux distros can be hacked just by opening a text file

The use of Linux in governments has suffered two severe blows in a single week.

Should governments pay millions of euros for proprietary code licenses ?. Many people think not, especially when there are open alternatives.

The German city of Munich and the Brazilian government were two references what could be done by adopting free software; However, that seems to be about to end.

Munich, the linux city that is tempting the change to Windows

It was first in Germany, where the Mnich town hall have been using Linux on their computers for more than ten years; He went on to create his own distro, called LiMux.

According to an official report, there is now the possibility of change the 20,000 local government computers to Windows 10 and Microsoft Office. The decision will affect 15,000 officials who have already learned to use Linux and LibreOffice.

The reason is that there are some departments with more advanced needs for which there is no open source alternative and they have to keep using Windows.

Another big problem is productivity; the human resources department has been the most critical with LiMux, ensuring that have lost productivity because of the lack of development of the system. LiMux is still based on Ubuntu 12.04 and not on the latest versions.

However, there are voices in the city council that the report has been created by Accenture; is a Microsoft allied company and expert in Windows equipment implementation in companies and governments.

Therefore tWe have to take the conclusions with skepticism. And it is not the first time that Mnich considers abandoning Linux.

Linux in Brazilian local governments is in danger

More serious seems to be the situation in Brazil, where since 2003 the Lula da Silva government encouraged the use of free software.

After the sudden change of government due to the suspension of President Roussef, the new leaders are planning the largest purchase of Microsoft licenses to date.

The federal government has informed government bodies that they have until today November 11 to declare the Microsoft products they want.

The goal is to reach an agreement with Microsoft so that in the next 12 months these bodies can buy licenses at a fixed price; so they don’t have to start the whole bureaucratic process again every time they want something. The products with the highest demand will be Windows 10, Windows Server and Office.

Although the shopping list is not yet complete, a massive migration is expected once the deal is complete. The lack of professional Linux specialists and suppliers are the two reasons presented for making the change.

Linux doesn’t seem to be in a good position after the release of Windows 10; However, it must be remembered that there are still many projects to use Linux in governments.