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LinkedIn will withdraw support for RSS feeds on December 19


As a general rule, users consult the activities of our contacts directly through web applications such as within the mobile applications of the social networks themselves, although there may be cases of users who consult the activities of their contact networks through the RSS feeds, which in a few days they will not be able to do in the case of LinkedIn, since, according to TNW, some users have received a statement by email indicating that this functionality will cease to be operational from December 19, so after that date, they only have to go to the web or its mobile applications.

According to the statement itself, it indicates that they strive to offer a simple and efficient experience for members, so they evaluate how their current products and functions are used. He further adds that this means that this may involve removing any element to focus your resources on developing better products. And then it goes on explicitly indicating that they will withdraw support for RSS feeds on December 19, calling users to go to their website and mobile applications.

With this, it can be deduced that the RSS feeds of LinkedIn are not widely used by the user community itself, and on the other hand, it forces those users who did use it to depend explicitly on LinkedIn products instead of using third-party services.

LinkedIn invites users who wish to obtain more information to come to its help center before the definitive withdrawal of support for RSS feeds.