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Linkedin presents a new version of its platform

mayo 23, 2020

Linkedin has just presented a new version of its platform, the professional social network that, owned by Microsoft, has wanted to focus on a much more complete and intuitive search system.

They define change as the biggest redesign of the desktop version since LinkedIn's inception, a version made from scratch, faster and easier to navigate, highlighting the most relevant conversations, content and career opportunities in our profile.

Among the novelties presented they indicate:

Simplified navigation: They have reduced the existing options in the top menu, highlighting Messaging, Jobs, Notifications and personal matters, with the option of more options to continue browsing.

Smarter messenger: To be able to contact any user. They will include a smart system to help break the ice, recommending topics of conversation.

Recommended news: a new algorithm to better adjust our content feed. They will offer a system to help delve into specific issues relevant to each user.

More intuitive search: A universal search box to easily find people, jobs, companies, groups and schools. The field is present on all pages.

More information about who is viewing your content: Give more information on who is reading and participating with the content we share, including the company, position and location of people who are interested in our updates.

Suggestions for our profile to stand out: Profile hints have been improved so that we can improve the data we present on the page, with skills based on what recruiters are looking for.

In this other article they give advice on how to make better use of the new search system. We leave you now with the video summarizing the news: