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LinkedIn improves its user group search engine

LinkedIn improves its user group search engine

LinkedIn is a social network focused on professional contacts that has more and more weight on the Internet, where there are more and more registered users showing their professional qualities, and who also enter existing discussions in groups created by themselves, and is That is why there are more and more groups that deal with various professional topics.

And in view of this panorama, LinkedIn has taken action on the matter and has improved its group search engine, attending to logical reasons, since from now on, more importance will be given to the existing conversations in the groups than to the names and descriptions of the same. In addition, also highlight those groups in which users have some kind of connections. And if this were not enough, the search results can be filtered by networks, categories, and even by languages.

Undoubtedly a different approach incorporated in the search engine to help users to be more efficient through the results of smarter searches to access those user groups that may really interest them. And it is that with 1.2 million existing groups, a renewal of the group search tool was necessary.

Hopefully they will soon be available in our user accounts.

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