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LinkedIn Announces Showcase Pages to Follow Company Specific Brands and Products

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On LinkedIn, as in many other social networks, users have the possibility to follow the publications made by our favorite companies, allowing us to always be aware of them. But there are companies that have different brands and products, of which we may be interested in some but not others, something that LinkedIn has just solved with the launch of Showcase Pages o Showcase pages.

What does this mean? Well, simply that companies can have their own showcase pages for different aspects of their business and allow them to have the right relationships with communities, according to LinkedIn on their own blog. In this way, users no longer have to follow updates of products and brands of the same company that do not interest us, being able to explicitly follow those that do interest us, being able to activate the monitoring button on them so that we are aware of the themselves.

As far as the page managers of each company are concerned, they will now be able to create their own storefront pages for their companies, initially identifying those business areas that need to have their own storefront pages, creating them and then introducing content to them. Each of these pages also has its own analysis tools, so you can monitor their performance.

Both users and companies must bear in mind that this new functionality will be launched worldwide in the coming days, so we should not despair if we still cannot access the showcase pages in our LinkedIn accounts, although there are already some examples of storefront pages that we can access, such as Microsoft’s Office, Adobe’s marketing cloud or HP’s converged infrastructure cloud, examples that already make clear the role that these pages play.