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Linkable – An attractive way to save and share your bookmarks

Linkable - An attractive way to save and share your bookmarks

Linkable is a tool designed to store and share bookmarksIn the Delicious style, although in a very visual, comfortable way and with an appearance that is aesthetically reminiscent of Twitter.

The application will allow us create a custom url to share the links with our friends publicly or privately.

Once we have the account, we can start importing our bookmarks directly from the browser or delicious if we already have them. Otherwise we will simply create folders to group the links by theme, with the peculiarity that we can make a drag and drop of the elements to drag them to another position or even send them to the trash.

To make the links have a more visual appearance and are easier to locate, they include the favicon of the web in question, although we can also use its search engine to find them instantly.

And if we want to have part of our links as private, we can protect them by password so that only we can see them.

In summary, Linkable is a bookmark manager that should not be underestimated, as it is a very simple and visually attractive alternative to the greats in the sector. Here you can see his presentation video to see what you think.