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Line exceeds 300 million users, focusing on Europe and Latin America


Line, the popular messaging app known for its use of icons and stickers with that special look Japan continues to grow at an unstoppable rate and now exceeds 300 million registered users, reporting growth of almost a third in the last four months.

As of today, as we read in an interview published on TNW, the popularity of the application in regions such as the United States has dropped this year, while the markets in Europe and Latin America have grown much faster than expected. Therefore, the company had to quickly focus on these two markets, prioritizing the North American market.

The result has been different from what was planned earlier this year, in which Line had planned to focus almost exclusively on growing in the United States. Contrary to expectations, it was Europe and Latin America that received all the attention given the growth in the use of the app.

Currently, after such growth and with the most controlled situation, Line finally affirms that We still have plans to relaunch the app in the US, but we are facing a very fragmented and highly competitive market, in which we have to be strategic and cautious.

Line has set itself the goal of reaching 500 million users in 2014 and they want their rebirth in North America to be a key component in the process. Remember that you can download LINE for iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Nokia and also use it on the PC.