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LifeCrumbs, photographic calendar of daily memories, for mobile


We usually take pictures of important events, trips, special moments, etc. but we have few images and memories of our daily life, when without a doubt there is also a great charm in photographing moments from day to day and our routines. If you are a fan of capturing all those moments and you do not like to miss a memory, you may very much like to use LifeCrumbs, a visual calendar application that defines each day with a special image.

Being the app part of a daily routine, LifeCrumbs (developed by Tomofun) is defined as an application that believes that no matter how monotonous and boring a day may be, we always find a moment worth saving. The app came to us in closed beta form in October 2012, and was officially released in August 2013. As of today, LifeCrumbs has been completely redesigned to offer what is a visual calendar focused on images rather than in other content.

We will find that LifeCrumbs is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that we can also read the updates of these social networks within each day (which we can deactivate if we are not convinced, or if we only want to use LifeCrumbs to save a daily photo regardless of the social content). Taking this into account, each day will have three entrances: one call memory to write the memories of the day, another to hang the photo and a third with activity, in which to display Facebook posts, Instagram photos and tweets.

You can download the application for Android and iOS operating systems, in the respective links to Google Play and iTunes. In both cases, the app is free.