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Lifecake, a new timeline to host photos and videos of children’s moments


This week leaves us the appearance of Lifecake (, a new platform founded by Nicholas Babaian and Matthew Sheppard, ex-directors of Skype and Yahoo respectively, and which is aimed at offering parents a chronological line on the web to place moments from your children’s lives, both high quality images and videos, up to a total of 1000 contents. At the moment, the service is offered for free, although over time, parents will be invited to become VIP users for only 5 dollars a month.

But that is not all, since parents will have complete control of who can access the content they post on the timelines, so that they can allow access to both family and closest friends, allowing the content to be available privately only for the most trusted contact circles, away from the foreign glances that would occur on open and public platforms. In addition to access, they can also allow if they can make comments and edits.

The availability of Lifecake is through the web and through the mobile applications available for Android and iOS, which makes it easier for parents to upload content, both those that already have on their computer equipment and those that they can take at any time in mobile equipment.

One more point, and that is that parents can also generate their own picture books of their children’s moments, which they can send to print, obtaining high-quality printed books, according to the platform itself, at a price of 40 euros per 80 pages, for which, it is necessary that they have hung at least 80 images to create them.