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LG’s new viral with hidden monitors and cameras

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A little over a year ago, LG released a video that generated over 20 million views in no time. The idea was to display vivid and real images using their IPS monitors, deceiving those who thought they were inside an elevator.

In May the second part arrived: Stage Fright So Real Its Scary 2. In this case the stage was the bathroom, with women looking where you can’t look and men trying to do what you can’t do when someone looks. There have been 6 million views on YouTube since it was launched.

Now, LG brings us the latest video So Viral Its Scary, playing with the null multitasking capacity of the male sex. We are told by LG that it was recorded using a real production team in which its director, Don Arnold, coordinated 20 hidden cameras and 90 professionals using an LG IPS 21: 9 UltraWide monitor. It seems that in the end the project turns against the director:

The idea is to demonstrate that LG’s IPS 21: 9 UltraWide monitors provide enough space for users to keep multiple windows open simultaneously, thereby improving productivity in the professional arena.Here we leave you with the first two. The one with the elevator:

And the one in the bathroom: