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Learn English while enjoying your favorite series on Netflix

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Learn English while enjoying your favorite series on Netflix

Learners while you enjoy your favorite series on Netflix.

September arrives and the purposes for the final stretch of the year arrive, such as lowering the kilos that we have accumulated on vacation or, for example, improving our language level.

When it comes to learning English, it has always been said that watching series and movies in original version and with subtitles helps us a bit (for example, getting used to pronunciations). Fleex is a simple service that powers the subtitles of services like Netflix for us to use as a learning tool.

Improve your English while watching Netflix

On Netflix we have great series like Narcos, House of Cards or Daredevil, so what better way to learn English while watching them. Fleex It allows that and its operation is very simple.

Just register on Fleex (it is free, You can even log in with your Facebook account if you want) and install the Fleex extension for Chrome and we are ready to use it. When playing Netflix content in the browser we can select various levels of difficulty (or help to learn English).

That is, we can choose to have the subtitles always appear, in a single language, we can select a double subtitle (in our native language, and in which we want to learn) so that we avoid getting lost among the dialogues and finally a way that changes between languages.

Also, you can stop playback and select words and concepts to see their meaning concrete.

So you can learn English with Netflix

The biggest limitation of Fleex is that we cannot enjoy it from Netflix mobile applications or from smart TVs with the official app, it has to be yes or yes from a computer with a browser Chrome. On its website you can find all the details of Fleex.

And if you use Netflix, don’t miss our series of articles on the content-on-demand service, you definitely discover tricks, extensions and much more to squeeze it.

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