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Leap Motion launches its Free Form desktop application so we can create 3D objects

Leap Motion

To many people it may still seem like science fiction to be able to have a device that can create physical objects in 3D, although the truth is that the prices of these devices, still inaccessible to large audiences, are getting lower and lower. Well, although users may not still buy 3D printers, they can start designing 3D objects on their own computer equipment, an interesting option being the one offered by Leap Motion through its new Free Form application, available for free for Windows and Mac, from Windows Vista or Mac OS X 10.7 onwards respectively.

With Free Form, users can easily create 3D objects through the various tools available to them, saving their creations in OBJ files, and the application can work with any 3D printer to take that virtual 3D object to become a tangible 3D object. Although it is not fully integrated at the moment, the application will also allow you to share the designs through GIF images through the main social platforms. The application is available in your Airspace Store.

Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald, in an interview with The Next Web, indicated that they are considering bringing it to mobile and tablet devices as well.

But that is not the only novelty that Leap Motion brings, since after more than a year of development, and the road that still has to go and experience, your gesture tracking application may have the necessary intelligence to understand and follow all the joints of the hands when making movements, which will improve interaction with all kinds of devices in the future. Precisely, Buckwald indicates that the existing applications currently on the market lack the logic necessary to determine the actions to be taken when the hands take certain positions.

Its new gesture tracking app is in the private beta phase, although Leap Motion expects to have it available generally in 2014.

For Michael Buckwald and David Holz, CEO and CTO respectively of Leap Motion, about the original vision of the company, they said that the controller was not the end of everything, it will be all of the company, but rather they try to find new ways. of interacting with computers and exploiting their power to create amazing things.

So we can now unleash our imagination and start creating 3D objects that we can materialize in tangible objects at any time.