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Latis, to facilitate saving text and web pages to favorites [Chrome]


One of the features that we like the most about browsers is the possibility of using your bookmarks: every day we access our favorite pages in a matter of a couple of clicks and save new pages, images and videos so as not to lose track of them. In case we are very into adding and classifying favorites, we may want to try Latis, Chrome extension to facilitate and improve the process of saving material in favorites.

The system that Latis use so that we can save content to favorites is a simple drag-and-drop. The difference between Latis and other bookmarking services such as Keeeb or Evernote Web Clipper is that with Latis we can mark a piece of text, photo, etc. that we liked a certain website, and so later we can enter the marked web page from that piece of text or multimedia element.

The easy way to use Latis is to open it using the icon that we will find in the lower left part of the browser once we have installed the extension. When we click on it, a toolbar will appear that will allow us to quickly create new content blocks (text, images, links …) and save them to favorites by dragging them to the New Stack option.

The cons: that it is not a multiplatform tool in the sense that it does not synchronize the information on other devices, and what we save will only be in that Chrome. Either way, if it appeals to you, you can download it from here.