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Kronia Browser, simple web browser for Android 4.0+ devices

Kronia Browser

The fact that a web browser has multiple functionalities does not mean that it may be the most suitable for navigating websites easily. The saying already says it, less is more, and that saying seems to apply to the web browser for Android devices Kronia Browser, which a couple of days ago updated its application, which is available for free for Android devices from version 4.0 onwards.

Precisely the simplicity of its interface, intuitive and minimalist, is its main attraction, and in its new version, 1.4.1, the possibility of accessing the open tabs by sliding from the left margin of the screen is added, thus allowing Toggle between different websites, where you can also add new tabs thanks to the + button visible from the bottom. Just the opposite, swiping from the right margin, giving access to local bookmarks, which don’t sync with the cloud, are just locally tagged favorite websites.

Kronia Browser gives the option of full screen browsing, which makes it possible to have a website in full screen, with no other element than the website itself. The different actions available by prolonged pressing of elements, the possibility of closing tabs simply by sliding them and the basic configuration options, are other elements that make this web browser quite functional.

We already see that in the Android ecosystem there is a wide variety of web browsers to choose from, from the simplest and most sophisticated to the most complete and sophisticated. Toco is a matter of taste and personal needs.

Link: Konia Browser | Goes: AddictiveTips