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kolecta, to collect money and make group gifts


We are introduced Kolecta ( as a solution designed to create online boats in order to make a group gift. Users can create campaigns aimed at justifying money for a specific action (a birthday, a wedding, a baptism …) and invite other people to collaborate financially, thus collecting money from friends and family in a simple and controlled way.

As we invite other people we can see who has collaborated and who has not. When Kolecta has raised all the money, they will send it directly to our bank account, with the option to send it to someone else’s (the birthday one, for example).

The objective is to save time in the process of raising money and keep everyone’s participation under control. At the moment it is simply a way to collect and distribute money, although soon they will have stores directly associated with the portal so that purchases can be made without leaving KOLECTA.

Every kolecta has a closing date, so the system can send alerts to remind participants that their payment is pending.

Payments made can be made by credit card, and for this they have partnered with banks to carry out the process safely.