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Klout launches brand pages

Klout launches brand pages

Whether we want to or not, users, to a greater or lesser extent, exert influences in our environment, both in real life and in our online environment, where our influences on social networks will be measured and scored by tools such as Klout, which brings us now the brand pages.

The idea is completely different from the brand pages that we find on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, where companies interact with users and offer them promotions and other services. In Klout it’s just the other way around, Brand Squads they will measure the influences focused on the users themselves on the brands. For now, it is launched in beta with Red Bull as the only partner, but in the coming weeks and months we will see the pages of other brands that are joining.

We just have to go to the Red Bull page as an example where we will find a series of influential user tops on the brand itself, with the top 10, top 100 and top 1000, which will give us access to all the list of users in each classification. We also have the latest activities carried out and we can obtain specific offers that the brand itself offers.

In short, it is about recognizing the influence that certain users may have on the rest for a specific brand.

Link: Red Bull in Klout | Goes: Mashable