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Kippt, the “delicious advanced”, releases API and has third-party applications


When we first introduced you to Kippt, we defined it as a service that allows us to use it as a clipboard to create our own lists, accessing them from any type of device. Back then I had a more personal approach to the user, although over time, it has become a more open tool to be a library of interesting things.

In addition, so far this year, the modifications made months ago go in the direction of giving considerable importance to the content to which any URL stored in any list belongs, supporting a series of services although with the intention of expanding it to others. over time, so that any user can take a quick look at the content to which the localized URL belongs to understand its meaning. New features have also been added, such as batch editing, support for mentions, real-time notifications, and even the inclusion of Emojis.

The last move by Kippt has been this week and corresponds to the launch of its new API, which is publicly available, including parts that may be modified in the future, according to the service on its blog. This has prompted the emergence of third-party applications, further aided by the new developer website at, and new available API documentation has been moved to Github under MIT license. Within the developers page there is a gallery of applications built through the new API, although it also includes the built libraries.

We leave you with the video of the new Kippt presented a few weeks ago:

Link: Kippt | Goes: Official blog