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KidRef creates a timeline to record children’s development


KidRef offers parents a simple way to record important moments of their children’s growth. Through a timeline and many interesting features allows you to track its development and share it with friends and family.

Once we have created a KidRef account through Facebook, we can take a look inside the platform to evaluate its functionality. The first step is to create a profile for our baby, with the basic data so that his birth date and other details are recorded.

From there, we can record those unique moments in its development, using Add Event. The events are predetermined and at the moment it does not give the option to integrate other suggestions. We will find, for example, his first word, the first time he said mam, his first steps, among others.

Through the events we can also keep track of your weight and height, simply choosing those options. With each event we can mark the date and place, as well as integrate YouTube photos or videos that will be integrated into the timeline.

Another of the details that we find in KidRef is that it allows parents to analyze their child’s progress taking into account the data provided by an average group, to make some kind of comparison or anticipate the events of the following stages.

For those who bet on this proposal, they can also access it through its Chrome application.