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Kidbox parental control

Kidbox parental control

When developing an application in which the target audience is children aged 2 to 8, parental control should be a priority, and that is something that Kidbox seem to be clear.

We told you about this program at its launch in November 2011, a system that collects the best games, videos and websites for children and displays them in a closed and secure environment, preventing users from leaving it.

Kidbox opens in Windows in full screen, being able to leave only with a password and showing three categories that can be activated or deactivated by parents: videos, games and websites. When opening the games and videos they eliminate any type of advertising or links that allow the child to leave Kidbox, so the control of what they see is absolute, having reports that we can consult at any time related to the content consulted.

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The parental control includes options to specify the hours in which our children can play, as well as the days of the week or the amount of time in which the connection will be active (see the image above).

It not only includes excellent quality content, detailed reports and time and schedule control, but it is also ready to launch in Portuguese and English, and is now available in Spanish.