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Kick your mobile to identify yourself on your computer


Surely one of the most original ways in the world to identify yourself without reporting the password: using the iPhone (currently no Android version) as if it were a door, in which we knock twice with the knuckles and the computer opens skipping the password step.

That’s right, as surprising as it sounds, as you can see in this video:

On their home page, explain the details along with that video. In it we can see how, after installing the application, we will only have to tap the phone twice, even when it is inside the pocket, so that the Mac login screen disappears, being compatible with the latest models of both Mac and iPhone ( uses low-power Bluetooth technology), with a Windows version on the way.

In case of theft of the mobile we would have to identify ourselves on the computer with the usual password and eliminate the association made previously.

This project, which has already been presented on several occasions in laboratory mode, is now available on Mac and almost ready in its Windows version, with an email field in the link Download from its main page so that we can be notified when it is finally available globally for said operating system.